Sixth Form

Dress Code and Appearance

Sixth Form students are expected to lead by example and always be smart and appropriately dressed. Our Co-Educational Sixth Form has a different uniform from the rest of the school. The dress code is essentially formal business attire. Students should be able to differentiate between attire for work and attire for social wear, and we expect all students to be wearing a suit. Guidance on the dress code is as follows: 



o    Business suit (trousers/skirt and jacket) in grey, blue or black, subtle pin-stripes; no checks or extremes of fashion. (Black jeans or very skinny trousers/leggings are not permitted.) 

o    Suit jacket: grey, blue or black (leather jackets or knitwear cannot be worn instead of a blazer/jacket) 

o    Skirt: may be just above the knee, but not mid-thigh length. (Black jeans or leggings and very short skirts are not permitted.) 

o    Shirt: any suitable smart, business-style shirt, with collar and sleeves. Subtle stripes and checks are acceptable, other patterns are not. The shirt must not be made of a sheer or see-through material. 

o    Tie: male students are expected to wear the Sixth Form tie  

o    Shoes: black or brown formal shoes (no boots or trainers) 

o    Jumper: black or grey, V-neck (to be worn under a jacket and over a shirt – no hoodies or sweatshirts) 


General appearance 

o    Hair: unusual hairstyles or colourings are not acceptable 

o    Jewellery: one plain stud per ear, worn in the earlobe: no other visible piercings.  Other jewellery including rings and necklaces must be unobtrusive. (Students cannot wear nose studs or other facial piercings.)  

o    Student ID lanyard to be worn at all times 


A student can be expected to be challenged if not adhering to the Sixth Form Dress Code. The student will be expected to change into suitable clothing provided by the school or return home to change. With regard to piercings/jewellery/make-up, the student will be asked to remove any inappropriate items immediately.