Key School Policies


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Acceptable Use Policy 1st Jun 2020
Acceptable Use Policy COVID-19 Addendum 1st Jun 2020
Acceptable Use Policy for Remote Learning 29th Jan 2021
Accessibility Plan 7th Feb 2023
Anti-bullying Policy 22nd Nov 2023
Attendance Policy 18th Jan 2023
Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance CEIAG Policy 7th Feb 2023
Charging and Remissions Policy 14th Nov 2023
Child Protection Policy 3rd Oct 2023
Children with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy 22nd Nov 2023
Complaints Policy and Procedure 3rd Oct 2023
Data Protection Policy 14th Nov 2023
Equality Information and Objectives Policy 3rd Oct 2023
Exam Acess Arrangements Policy 15th Sep 2023
Exam Contingency Policy 30th Nov 2022
Finance Policy 14th Nov 2023
Governor Visits Guidance and Checklist 2023/2024 3rd Oct 2023
Governors Allowances Policy 14th Nov 2023
Health Safety Policy 14th Nov 2023
Looked After Children Policy 22nd Nov 2023
Mobile Phone, Smart Watch and Music Playing Equipment Policy 23rd Nov 2022
Online and E Safety Policy 3rd Oct 2023
Positive Behaviour and Discipline Policy 22nd Nov 2023
Privacy Notice 1st Nov 2019
Pupil Premium Funding: Policy and Guidelines 2nd May 2022
Relationships and Sex Education RSE Policy 29th Mar 2023
Remote Education Provision 17th Jan 2021
School Uniform Policy 3rd Oct 2023
SEND Information Report 2023 7th Feb 2023
SEND Policy 7th Feb 2023
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 22nd Nov 2023
Suspension and Permanent Exclusion Policy 22nd Nov 2023
Word Processing Policy 15th Sep 2023