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Year 7 Admissions

As a grammar school, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys can only consider applicants who have been assessed as suitable for selective education through Kent County Council’s 11+ process, also known as the Kent Test. Our published admission number (PAN) is 300 – this comprises 210 places at the Tunbridge Wells campus and 90 at Sevenoaks.

If you wish your son to be considered for a place at TWGSB you will need to name us as a preference on your Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF). You can name us only once on the form. Although we have two campuses (Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks) we are one school and parents are unable to specify the campus they would prefer on the SCAF. The completed SCAF must be returned directly to KCC by the given deadline.

For those students eligible for Pupil Premium, a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) is also required. This form needs to be returned directly to the TWGSB School Office by the given deadline, marked for the attention of Mrs McLaren. Please ensure evidence is included – this can be a letter from the primary school your son attends. 

On National Offer Day KCC emails parents to inform them of the school place for their child and allocates 300 students to TWGSB. We then assign those students to one of our two campuses, based on a calculation provided by KCC of distance from the student's home to both sites. We will email parents their child's campus allocation within a week of National Offer Day. At that stage parents can opt to go on a waiting list if their child has not been allocated their preferred campus.

Further Information

September 2024 Entry

Useful Dates Year 7 Application Process

Wednesday 18th October 2023

Kent Test results.

Tuesday 31st 
October 2023

Deadline for secondary school application (SCAF) to KCC.

Tuesday 31st 
October 2023

Deadline for return of SIF directly to TWGSB – relevant for Pupil Premium students only (see above).

Friday 1st 
March 2024

National Offer Day – parents emailed by KCC.*

Wednesday 6th
March 2024

Campus allocation emails sent by TWGSB (with online form link for those wishing to join waiting list for other campus).

Friday 15th March 2024

Deadline for accepting/declining offer of a place from TWGSB.

NOTE: If you are an out-of-county resident you must accept/decline with your borough council/Local Authority as well as with TWGSB, as the information is not shared with us automatically.

Friday 15th March 2024

Deadline for joining TWGSB campus waiting list.

Wednesday 27th
March 2024

Campus waiting list places offered to parents.

Thursday 28th
March 2024

Deadline for lodging an appeal with KCC for a place at TWGSB.

Thursday 25th
April 2024

Reallocation offers made by KCC. TWGSB takes ownership of school waiting list from KCC.

*If you have not been offered a place at TWGSB on National Offer Day and still wish to be considered please visit KCC's 'After you get your school offer' page find out about waiting lists and the appeals process. Please note, you must have named us originally on the SCAF to be considered for waiting list or appeal applications.

KCC Admissions Arrangements for 2024–25

KCC Appeals/TWGSB Defence

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