Key Information

Key School Policies and Procedures

SOME policies are currently under review. (Check individual policies for their review date.)

Key School Policies Date  
16 19 Bursary Sept 2019 27th Sep 2019 Download
3G pitch for website Sept 19 Aug 20 26th Jun 2019 Download
Acceptable Use Policy 01st Jun 2020 Download
Anti-bullying Policy 01st Mar 2019 Download
Attendance Policy with COVID 19 Statement Sept 2020 17th Dec 2020 Download
Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Policy 25th Nov 2019 Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 02nd Jan 2018 Download
Child Protection Policy Sept 2020 03rd Dec 2020 Download
Complaints Policy and Procedure 01st Sep 2020 Download
Data Protection Policy 18th Dec 2019 Download
Equality Information and Objectives Policy 06th Jan 2020 Download
Finance Policy 07th Jan 2019 Download
Health and Safety Policy 19th Nov 2018 Download
Health and Safety Policy COVID 19 Addendum 04th Jun 2020 Download
KCC Ex-offenders Recruitment Policy 16th Oct 2020 Download
Lettings of School Facilities: Terms and Conditions 04th Feb 2019 Download
Lettings Tariffs 2019 20 26th Jun 2019 Download
Looked After Children Policy 01st May 2019 Download
Mobile Phone, Smart Watch and Music Playing Equipment Policy 05th Dec 2019 Download
Online Safety Policy 06th Mar 2020 Download
Positive Behaviour and Discipline Policy 10th Jun 2020 Download
Privacy Notice 01st Nov 2019 Download
Provider Access Policy Statement 06th Jan 2020 Download
Race Equality Policy 06th Jan 2020 Download
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Interim Policy 2019 25th Nov 2019 Download
Relationships Sex and Health Education secondary schools guide for parents, Sept 2020 25th Nov 2019 Download
School Accessibility Plan 18th May 2018 Download
School Dog Risk Assessment 31st May 2019 Download
SEND Information Report 13th Dec 2019 Download
SEND Policy 13th Dec 2019 Download
Single Equality Scheme 15th May 2019 Download
Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2020 2021.docx 30th Jun 2020 Download
Summer 2020 Results and Appeals Process Policy 30th Jul 2020 Download
Term Time Leave of Absence March 2018 09th Mar 2018 Download
Terms and Conditions of Letting School Facilities Feb 2019 28th Feb 2019 Download