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(updated February 2018)

Leadership team

Ms A Simpson Headteacher

Mrs S Rose

Assistant Headteacher, Head of Drama

Mr M Smith

Assistant Headteacher, Director of ICT and eLearning

Mrs K Ross

School Business Manager

Mr P Douse

Acting Assistant Headteacher KS3, Head of Year 9, PE

Mr C Hart

Acting Assistant Headteacher KS4, Head of Year 11, PE

Mrs C Fernandez

Acting Assistant Headteacher KS5, Joint Head of Sixth Form, Media Studies, EPQ Coordinator


Teaching staff

Miss N Allen

Second in the MFL Dept (Maternity Leave)

Mr T Ash

Head of Geography

Mr D Brady

Head of Year 7 and Transition; Physics

Mrs L Brooker

Head of Year 10; Geography

Mrs H Burns

KS3 Coordinator English

Mrs K Calvert Head of Media Studies

Mr S Carr

Assistant Head of KS3; Geography

Mr G Chisholm

English, Religion and Philosophy

Mrs H Clegg

Second in the MFL Dept (Maternity Cover); MFL

Miss F Connell Second in the Maths Dept; KS3 Coordinator; Mathematics

Miss T Cooper


Mrs J Corp

Deputy Head of Sixth Form (Maternity Cover); Head of Year 12; English

Mr S Cowley Business and Economics

Mr D Crothers

Second i/c of Business and Economics and Careers Depts

Mrs C Dhanowa

Head of Biology

Mrs C Dodds

Head of Year 8; Geography

Dr A Donovan


Mr K Downing

Head of Physical Education

Mrs R Gillan

Head of Mathematics

Mrs J Girdlestone


Mr D Gould

Head of English

Mr P Haffenden


Mr D Hamilton

Head of Science and Head of Physics

Mr A Hammond

History; Assistant Head of KS4

Mrs F Hawkes

Head of RE, Philosophy and Ethics

Miss A Herlihy English

Mrs A Hayyeh


Mr C Hortense

Head of Modern Languages

Mr C Humphrey

Head of ICT

Mr T Joris

Assistant Head of Music

Mr S Kirk

Head of Design Technology

Ms A Kublik

Art and Design (Maternity Leave)

Mr R Lamb Art and Design (Maternity Cover)
Miss R Leseelleur Joint Head of Sixth Form and Year 13; MFL (Maternity Leave)

Mr D Lesquerre


Mr M Lorentzen

Head of Music

Ms R Lovera

Second in the English Department

Mr P Lund


Mrs J Mason


Mr S Mason

Head of Governments & Politics; History

Mr D Menzies

Second in the Physical Education Dept

Mrs C Mercher MFL (Maternity Cover - Agency)
Mr S Mitchell Head of Sociology

Mr L Morris


Mrs K Munton Biology

Mr S Neave

DT: Design Technology

Dr R Newbold Chemistry
Miss A Panebianco MFL

Mr F Oschilewski

DT: Design Technology

Mr J Pratt

Assistant Head of KS4; Humanities

Mr R Price

Physical Education

Mr A Roberts


Mr S Rockell


Mr C Ross

Head of Business and Economics; i/c of Careers and WRL

Mr C Scott

Physical Education

Mr D Seabrook

Head of Chemistry

Mrs L Smith

Food and Nutrition

Mr B Southgate

Religion and Philosophy

Mr G Stevens

DT: Head of Graphics; SENCO

Dr G Sturley


Mrs L Thomas


Mrs J Thomson

Second in the Geography Dept

Mr P Wall

Head of Art

Mr P Wheeler


Foreign language assistants

Mrs L Bainbridge


Mrs C Moreau


Non-teaching staff

Mrs R Adkin

Sixth Form Administrator; Careers Coordinator

Mr Z Bahriyeli IT Support Apprentice

Mrs K Bamblett

Personal Assistant to the Headteacher

Mr T Bance

ICT Network Technician

Mr K Barber Caretaker

Mrs V Barnes

Welfare Assistant

Mrs C Battell

Cover Manager; Assistant Exams Officer

Mrs L Bell-Mann

Examinations Officer

Mr M Beard

Chief Science Technician / Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Boler

Food and Nutrition Technician

Mr A Bray

Cover Supervisor; Form Tutor

Dr N Brett

Science Technician

Mr J Britton

Teaching Assistant

Mr K Browne


Mrs H Cameron

Welfare Manager; Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead; Counselling Lead

Mr D Conway Library Assistant

Mr I Cressey

Site Manager’s Assistant

Mrs W Davy

Welfare Assistant

Mrs P Fedrick

Humanities Cover and Literacy Support / EVC

Mr J Fiveash

Audio Visual / ICT Technician

Mrs P Gray

Marketing and Communications; Form Tutor

Mrs A Green

Assistant SENCO

Mr D Hall Science Technician

Mrs C Harper

Finance Assistant

Mrs T Harris

Data Manager and Development Manager

Mrs J Jones

Administrator (Reception)

Mr J Kirk

DT: Design Technology Technician

Mr J Lightowler

Site Manager’s Assistant

Mr A Mason

3G Pitch Supervisor

Mrs M Masters

Administrator (Reprographics)

Mr A Mitchell

Site Manager

Mrs B Mitchell

Laboratory Technician

Mrs M Monaghan

School Office Manager

Mrs A Moth Cover Supervisor

Miss A Munro

Art Technician

Mrs K Murrell

Food, Preparation and Nutrition Technician

Mrs M Musselwhite Steel

Library Manager

Mrs B Nemet

Administrator (Reception)

Mrs S Nicholds

Finance Manager

Mr L Nicholls

Head Caretaker

Mrs K Palmer

Clerk to the Board of Governors

Mr L Rogers

Network Manager

Mrs E Salter

Attendance Administrator

Miss R Spicer

Administrator (Front Office)

Mrs S Tripathi

Science Technician

Mr A Wager

3G Pitch Supervisor