Key Information

Term Dates

School Year 2021–2022

School Year 2022–2023 (not yet available)


At the end of Terms 2 and 6 (Christmas and summer holidays) the school may close to students for the end of term at 13:30, but do check specific Term Dates above.


In the case of early closing on the last day of term...

Students in Years 11*, 12 and 13* are generally dismissed before lunch but may stay for school lunch if they wish.

Normal lunchtime arrangements apply for Years 710. However, lunch finishes at 13:20 with registration at 13:25 and students being dismissed at 13:30.

It should be noted that school buses may still run at the normal time i.e. from 15:35, so students who travel by bus may have to make alternative travel arrangements or remain in school until 15:35. Students wishing to stay in school should report to the Main Library for supervised study. (If you decide to pick up your son/daughter by car, please arrange to collect them nearby and NOT from the school car park.)

*(At the end of Term 6, Years 11 and 13 will not be in school as their public exams will have finished – so this applies for Term 2 only.)