Residential Trips Overview

The pandemic has obviously had a huge impact on the school trips we could offer. Below is a representation of what we are typically able to offer our students in normal years and hope to offer again. However, please note that all proposed trips and dates are still subject to change.

The school offers many one-day trips throughout Key Stages 3 and 4. These cover a variety of different activities from geography and history field trips costing in the region of £15 per event, to London theatre trips in the range of £25 to £35 (plus travel costs for some).

In Key Stage 5, study days and conferences relevant to the topic under study, including theatre visits for English Literature, are available to students and usually cost in the region of £30 with additional travel expenses.

In addition, more expensive, mainly residential trips are available and the school hopes to offer the following in 2022/23 although it cannot be assumed that they will take place:

Years 8–13 Music Trip

Year 7 – one-night team-building trip, Penshurst (June/July 2023)

Year 8 – two-night team-building trip at a PGL (June/July 2023)

Year 9 Ypres Salient – one-night trip offered to whole year group (Nov/Dec 2022)

Year 10 Berlin – three-night trip for GCSE History students (June/July 2023)

Year 10 Paris – three/four-night trip for GCSE French students (June/July 2023)

Year 10 – a week's ski trip offered to whole year group (Easter 2023)

Year 11 –  two-night start-of-year team-building trip to Snowdonia (Sept/Oct 2022)

Year 11/12/13 – five-night Spanish exchange to Jerez for GCSE and A Level Spanish students (Feb 2023)

Year 12 Philosophy and Ethics Studies Tour (Easter 2023)

Year 12 – one-night Oxbridge visit (Feb 2023)

Year 12/13 – three-night field trip to Dorking for A Level Geography students (June 2023)

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