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Summary of Activities During the Year

The 2020/21 academic year was highly challenging but also one of great promise where foundations were laid for a bright future. 

  • To the immense frustration of all of us, the year was of course highly impacted by further disruption from COVID-19 lockdowns and selected isolation of 'bubbles'. Governors were actively involved in overseeing the application of an appropriate COVID risk assessment and the school’s response to the pandemic, including remote learning and diligent support to vulnerable children. Importantly governors also encouraged our school leaders to sustain and build on the lessons of our COVID response, especially development of new communication and closer ways of working and the use of IT to support learning.
  • We continued our scrutiny of attainment and achievement, including the application of appropriate processes and procedures to ensure fairness in Centre Assessed Grades for GCSE and A Level. Governors continued to be actively engaged in challenging and supporting the school’s programme of driving improvement, especially in departments where inconsistency was identified. We have invested time in improving our understanding of the school’s curriculum and how it is being delivered, as well as our understanding of the effectiveness of the school's quality assurance programme to continue to support and drive continuous improvement.
  • As a school, it is an important part of our mission that, while recognising the importance of academic achievement and stretching our students to succeed, we also need to prepare our students more broadly with the skills and understanding they will need to take a constructive place in society. During the year we considered the school’s approach to diversity in the curriculum and procedures and its response to protecting women following the 'rape culture' exposures.
  • Governors worked closely with the school’s leadership team to continue to enhance our strong processes for safeguarding, including enhanced reporting and monitoring six times during the year. In an uncertain world we have strongly supported the leadership team’s focus on mental resilience and the investment that has been made in an extensive counselling and support infrastructure. 
  • We also continued our diligent monitoring of finance with close scrutiny of the budget, and three-year forecast and monthly monitoring
  • We were delighted to be able to work so closely with the school’s leadership team as our new Sports, Maths and IT facilities were completed at Tunbridge Wells and our new campus at Sevenoaks approached completion. We are all delighted to be able to offer a TWGSB experience to the young people of Sevenoaks with almost 100 boys joining us there this September.

As we approach 2021/22 and reflect on the experience that our school, our students and their families and the wider community have had, we are supporting and challenging whole school well-being and especially the school’s programme to achieve a nationally accredited standard. This has included the appointment of two well-being governors. We intend to put the well-being of our staff and our students at the forefront of our plans this year.

September 2021