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Governing Body Structure and Committee Responsibilities

Governance is delivered through the Full Governing Body which usually meets four times a year and its supporting committees. There are two committees which each meet three times a year and two special purpose committees for Pay and the Headteacher's objective setting and review.

Committee Structure and Responsibilities*

Headteacher Performance Review

Annual review and objective setting including professional external advice.

Mr M O’Driscoll
Mrs P Sluka

Full Governing Body

Overseeing the governance activities of the school – including vision and strategy, standards of teaching and learning, personnel and finances.

Dr P Drew (Chair)
Mr M O’Driscoll (Joint Vice-Chair)
Mrs P Sluka (Joint Vice-Chair)
Members: all Governors


Receiving recommendations from the Headteacher on Staff Pay and Progression.

Mr M O’Driscoll
Ms A Simpson
Mrs P Sluka
Mr N Brooks-Johnson

Curriculum and Standards

Considering student matters including the curriculum, student performance and quality of teaching, vulnerable groups and extra-curricular activity.

Mrs P Sluka (Chair)
Ms C Sinha (Vice-Chair)
Mr S Green
Ms R Lovera
Mr D Madin
Ms A Simpson
Mrs C Steer
Ms C Terry
Mrs F Hawkes


Considering finance and personnel including budgeting and monitoring of expenditure and financial control, premises including health and safety and marketing the school.

Mr Neil Brooks-Johnson (Chair)
Mr R Hughes (Vice-Chair)
Mr K Ditcham
Mrs T Harris
Mrs L Pollini-Kommu
Ms A Simpson
Mrs D Talbot

*The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Full Governing Body alternate their attendance at all Committee meetings and the School's Deputy Heads are also invited to all meetings.

Our legal responsibilities in areas such as safeguarding, SEN, Health and Safety etc. are coordinated by assigned experienced governors.