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We hope that your experience at this school had a positive influence on your life or the life of someone dear to you. A Legacy Gift to the School Fund is an opportunity to support and invest in the development of future generations and positively influence their lives. Even the smallest donation can make a real difference and is one of the easiest and most effective ways of helping the School in the future. Legacy Gifts are also exempt from inheritance tax so have the potential to reduce the tax burden on your family, whilst maximising the benefit of the gift to the School. 

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys aims to provide an inspiring, safe and nurturing environment for all members of the school that encourages each student to achieve personal excellence in a wide range of academic, cultural, humanitarian and sporting activities and equips them with the life skills and sense of personal responsibility they need to realise their full potential in their communities. The TWGSB School Fund (registered charity number 1119646) sustains and develops these opportunities.

School fund for legacy

Please read our information booklet for further information and suggested codicil form and legacy pledge can be found here. We would encourage you to seek independent professional advice to ensure your wishes are met.

Whilst we do not provide legal advice we can discuss with you how your legacy could help the School and if you wish to do this please contact the Development Office.