Sixth Form

Comment for UCAS

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys is a selective secondary school of around 1500 students with 350 in the co-educational Sixth Form. Our Year 7 intake is determined by the Kent Test and unlike a number of super-selective secondary schools in the region we have a wide range of ability for a selective school from the 1st to around the 40th percentile. As one of the lowest-funded state secondary schools in the country we pride ourselves on the fact that despite limited financial means we help produce outstanding young people who achieve the highest levels of academic and personal success. Most students in Year 12 take three subjects as standard and continue these into Year 13. An increasing number of the cohort also opt to study our highly successful EPQ programme. Students completed AS syllabi in three or four subjects in Year 12, which due to COVID restrictions, were CAG assessed by their teachers. Their UCAS predicted grades are based on a wide range of assessments throughout the year.

Our school went into a second lockdown in December 2020. We were able to offer distance learning for our Sixth Form via Teams meetings and recorded sessions set remotely. Staff offered feedback and some one-to-one online tutorials.  Students returned in March 2021. Some students found this period very difficult in terms of their mental health, others had issues with technology. The situation certainly had an impact on their progress, despite the quality of blended learning provided. Since our return in September, we are working hard to restore confidence and complete the syllabi. Currently, learning gaps are filled and the majority of our students are achieving their potential or better. They are an exceptional year group, and we have high hopes for their continued progress and success.