Sixth Form

Study Areas and Resources

The Sixth Form has a dedicated building with spaces for private study. The Gill Madin Resources Centre provides a supervised silent private study area with access to computers and desk space, preparing students for the use of a university library. This space is focused on the A Level Curriculum and provides books and journals geared towards exam success. Wider reading is encouraged to deepen knowledge, enrich exam technique and polish university interview performance. The main library also holds a selection of subject-specific wider reading texts for the Sixth Form and students are encouraged to also use this library to support their learning. 

It is used solely by the Sixth Form throughout the school day. The small upstairs foyer area has a café-style work desk and seating area for the students to use throughout the day. In addition, the Sixth Form Studio is a larger informal study space with café-style work benches, comfortable seating areas and a long work table so that students can study in a more informal setting. This area is a dedicated social space for the Sixth Form at break and lunch. Throughout the day students can also go to the Dining Hall to work, or into department areas, particularly for practical subjects where they can use the specialist equipment and work on coursework projects.

Library Resources

  • The Library has a copy of almost all books on the Sixth Form Reading Lists and will consider purchasing additional books or journal articles to support EPQ. 
  • Copies of A Level Reviews for each subject which provide valuable and focused background reading.
  • Subscription to JSTOR – a university standard database of academic journals and articles.
  • Copies of periodicals aimed at enriching knowledge in each subject area.
  • Daily newspapers to keep abreast of current affairs.

The majority of items are available for a 28-day loan period, and some reference material may be borrowed overnight.

There is a strict expectation that students work silently and do not make it difficult for staff or students to concentrate. Personal stereos are permitted as long as they don’t disturb other people. Mobile phones can be used for research if permission is sought and a computer is not available. They may not be used for any other purpose and should be kept in bags where they will not pose a distraction to concentration. Food and drink are not permitted with the exception of water. Computers are available for research and completion of assignments.

For study where discussion work is required Sixth Form students may work in the New Hall, the Dining Hall and the Common Room.

Click for our 2020-21 Wider Reading Lists for Sixth Form Students.