Key Information

TWGSB Houses

We recently reviewed the house system at TWGSB to accommodate our ever-growing community, and decided to move to four houses. We held a competition to rename the houses; the winning choice was to name them after local stately homes and castles: Knole, Scotney, Hever and Ightham.  

Students were allocated to a House when the changes were made or when they joined the school. The House Points they earn for excellent work and behaviour all contribute towards their House total, and competitions take place in different subjects and through events such as the crisp packet competition we ran at the beginning of 2019/20 to raise money for the Kent and Sussex Air Ambulance.  

Each House has a member of staff who is Head of House, and Sixth Form Students as House Captains who are on the Senior Prefect Team.

Ightam Red

Head of House: Mr W Ashenhurst

House Captains: Rose and James (Year 13)

Knole Yellow

Head of House: Mrs K Calvert

House Captains: Aisling and Edwin (Year 13)

Hever Green

Head of House: Mr C Ross

House Captains: Ruben and Harry (Year 13)

Scot Blue

Head of House: Mrs L Smith

House Captains: William and Holly (Year 13)



House t shirtsHouse t-shirts

As the houses have changed, we have also changed the house t-shirts. They are plain in colour with the school logo embroidered on them. Students are required to wear a house t-shirt at house events, for example KS3 Interhouse cross country, football and table tennis competitions.