Key Information

Well-being Resources

We hope these well-being resources are helpful for some students and their families.


General help for parents

Tunbridge Wells Early Help: click for Monday–Friday Advice Line


Mental health resources

The website links and documents below provide some well-being/mental health resources you may find useful to share with your son/daughter, at any time and particularly during the current pandemic, a period of change, uncertainty and anxiety.

InsightTimer and Headspace offer links to guided meditations, talks and music tracks to help calm the mind and relax the body, while Turner Contemporary offers creative mindfulness.

The School Health Team provide some short videos with easy-to-understand messages on helping parents to support their children with resilience.

Mental Health Resource offers free virtual groups called 'Reachout Youth', aimed at 13–19-year-olds looking for confidential support for their emotional wellbeing. This is a self-refer programme for anyone in Year 9 upwards. Simply contact Mental Health Resource by completing this self-referral form and emailing the address on the form.

Other useful sites include the following:



As a staff team we are aware that many of our students enjoy gaming and that it is an important way for them to stay connected with their peers. However, we are also aware that an unhealthy obsession or focus on gaming can have a negative impact on a student and on their family. Below are two links that look at screen time, gaming and the challenge of gaming addiction, which we hope will be helpful:


Support for survivors of sexual violence/coercion

Click for details.