COVID-19 Update

Library Use During COVID-19

The library will be open for pupils by year group to choose books and return them during the two lunch break times. The allocated days are as follows

Monday Year 7 (we are in the process of making borrower cards with students' library numbers)
Tuesday Year 8
Wednesday Year 9
Thursday Year 10
Friday Year 11


Access: Students need to enter the library from outside the building through the fire exit. They need to sanitise their hands on entry and should sanitise on leaving - which is through the door onto the senior staff corridor and then turn right to go out.

Returns: We will be using swing bins for book returns which we will quarantine for 72 hours. Each day a new bin will be placed just inside the fire exit door for the returns.

Library staff will be available to help and we will be running Book Club in one shape or form. More to follow.

Please note that due to 'bubbling', students can only come to the library at the above times and not during form time, before school or after school.

No one can predict how long this is going to last but we will endeavour to keep the boys reading.