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The school's first responsibility is to keep all children safe and we can only do this with your help and support. If you have any concerns about the well-being or safety of any young person or child in our care please contact TWGSB's Safeguarding Officers: Amanda Simpson, Headteacher; Adam Lewis, Assistant Headteacher (adlewis@twgsboys.kent.sch.uk); and Anna Withers, Director of Inclusion (awithers@twgsboys.kent.sch.uk).

If you have concerns or simply want to know more about the following issues, please follow the links below.

For our Safeguarding Policies click on the links below:

Page Downloads Date  
Anti-bullying Policy 01st Mar 2019 Download
Child Protection Policy 01st Sep 2020 Download
Health and Safety Policy 19th Nov 2018 Download
Looked After Children Policy 01st May 2019 Download
Positive Behaviour and Discipline Policy 10th Jun 2020 Download
Race Equality Policy 06th Jan 2020 Download