Well-being Resources

Please see the following website links and the documents below for some well-being/mental health resources you may find useful to share with your son/daughter during this unprecedented period of change, uncertainty and anxiety.

The following is a link to a free online mental health course that has been developed by one of our parents. TWGSB does not directly endorse the resource; however some parents and carers may find it useful at this time:

Coronavirus: Tips for routine, exercise and diet during the lockdown



As a staff team we are aware that many of our students enjoy gaming and that it is an important way for them to stay connected with their peers. However, we are also aware that an unhealthy obsession or focus on gaming can have a negative impact on a student and on their family. I have included three links below that look at screen time, gaming and the challenge of gaming addiction that we hope will be helpful.


Support a child with online gaming addiction:

A feature-length documentary, recently highlighted in The Sunday Times about how to regain control of screen time: