Mobile Telephone Policy Feedback from Parents/Carers

”This is fantastic news, very much welcomed by us !!!”

“Thank you for re-looking at your mobile phone policy for the school.  I read your new policy with delight, as I run Parenting Courses and this is the top issue on parents hearts' - re: the managing and cause and effects of screen time. I have recently done a talk based on a book called 'Left to their own devices' - Confident Parenting in a World of Screens - by Katherine Hill , Director of Care for the Family.

The parents who attended the course were so pleased to have a forum to be able to share their concerns and learn strategies for this issue.

Well done for taking this bold step. I am sure it will be met with a mixed response but hopefully a positive response from Parents but undoubtedly you will be met with a negative response from the pupils - but stand firm in your decision - as you are right to take this step to help re-educate and equip our young men to handle the world of screens with wisdom for the benefit of themselves and our society in the future.”

“I rarely read the ParentMail communications – my wife usually deals with that side of things. However, the one that just came through regarding mobile phones piqued my interest.

There’s not really very much I want to say about it, except that it’s…


“Thank you so much for implementing this change. As a teacher myself I too see the negative effects of over using screens.  Well done TWGSB for being concerned about the children 's wellbeing and social skills.

Many thanks from a delighted parent.”

“I just wanted to pass on my support following your email regarding the mobile phone policy.  I am very concerned about the social interaction aspect am uncomfortable about filming without consent and am aware that this occurs.

Thank you very much for doing this and I hope that this move is supported by parents.”

“Thank you for communicating the Mobile Phone policy change.  I welcome this change.” 

“We just wanted to say thank you for your new mobile phone policy. I think it will have a significant impact on all of the boys. As a family we have discussed this issue long and hard, as we have tried to ensure the right balance of screen time. You have our wholehearted support with this new policy, thank you for addressing such an important issue.”­

“I just wanted to write to say how happy I was to read the notice regarding the new mobile phone policy.

I have been meaning to get in touch since September on this very issue, but luckily, more organised parents than me actually did more than think about it! A similar scheme works well at my daughter's school and I am sure that my son will feel the benefit too. I hope it will lead to increased levels of physical activity as well as social interaction. 

Thank you for implementing this.”

"Dear TWGSB management -  I just want to say thank you and congratulations on your mobile phone policy. Growing evidence of negative effects of overuse/reliance (as you cite) requires a precautionary approach. I recently saw the World Economic Forum raising similar concerns

 Various sources also cite mobiles as a significant source of tension in the home. Your stance will help us manage our children's mobile phone overuse/reliance. I also think it will make parents improve their mobile phone usage. We can do better too. 

We will be sharing this announcement with TWGGS in the hope they do the same. Perhaps schools are already coordinating on a united policy?"

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