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Posted on: 26/05/2017

Headteacher's Term 5 Newsletter

May 2017

Mr Simon Marsh, Acting Headteacher

Mr S Marsh, Acting Headteacher

Dear Parents, Carers, Students and friends of the school,

As I sit down to write this introduction to the end of term newsletter, I cannot help but reflect upon the horrific attack in Manchester and the devastation it has brought to so many lives.

While we are looking forward to Sports Day, Success Afternoon, Activities Week, the end of examinations, the long summer break and hopefully the joy of well-deserved success on results days, let us remember those young people whose futures have been cruelly taken away or changed forever.

As we remember them and their families, friends and schools in our thoughts and prayers, let it remind us all of how fortunate we are and impel all of us to strive ever harder to be the best that we can be.

Reading about all the many wonderful experiences and successes of this term, including raising money for charity through Fun Runs (photo above) and getting hands-on with sub-atomic particle detectors at CERN, I am reminded of how much talent and good there is in our young people and reassured of the hope that they give us for the future.

Mr S Marsh, Acting Headteacher

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