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Posted on: 13/02/2017

Young Enterprise Update

The Young Enterprise Company "Class Bottles" has had an exceptionally busy few months producing and selling its range of up-cycled glass bottles. In December the company attend the TWGSB Christmas Fair. This was an extremely well-attended event  and the students took a substantial number of orders. The company was extremely active the rest of December in terms of production as there were large volumes of orders to be met. Thankfully all orders were completed in time for Christmas! In January the annual West Kent Young Enterprise Public Speaking competition took place at Kent College. Students within the company were involved in an internal public speaking competition and from this Ben Heath was selected to go and represent the company and school in the competition. The choice of questions were:

a) Should business models such as AirBNB and Uber be subject to stricter controls by authorities? 

b) Is it more important that countries can trade freely and tariff free with each other, or that governments protect national jobs and capabilities? or 

c) Should environmental matters affect a business's drive for profits? 

Ben decided to focus his speech on Question B. Ben is a keen public speaker and performed outstandingly on the night. However, on this occasion, he wasn't placed.

The outlook for the next few months for the company looks promising with a trade fair lined up at Tonbridge Farmers market in March. There are several prizes up for grabs at this event so the students are currently working hard mastering what their trading stand will look like, whilst at the same time abiding by the Young Enterprise rules for this event!