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Posted on: 07/02/2017

Safer Internet Day - Years 7 and 8 programme at TWGSB

The world that our children live in is increasingly complex and we have been working with years 7 and 8 pupils about keeping safe online.  The internet is a fantastic resource  but it has its dangerous side and what we seek to do is to teach our pupils so that they can be confident and resilient internet users by adopting safe and sensible practice and looking out for each other.

The sessions aimed to acheive some of the following:

  • To encourage young people to think critically about the information they see online as it may not be true or trustworthy.
  • To highlight to young people that not everyone who contacts them online is trustworthy and they may have hidden agendas.
  • To highlight different propaganda techniques and to understand the power of the media in influencing decision making.

Throughout the year we also regularly remind students to think about what they post online.

  1. Who saw this post at the time and who can see it now?
  2. Would everyone understand the image or could it be misleading?
  3. If it was about someone, would you have said it to their face?
  4. If your post went viral would you be happy?
  5. Are you happy for this to be part of your digital footprint?

Here are some Tips and Advice for Parents and Carers from the 'Safer Internet Centre' - if you would like to know more.