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Posted on: 01/03/2021

TWGSB receives grant award from the Wolfson Foundation

TWGSB has received a generous grant of £60,000 from the Wolfson Foundation, towards IT equipment for three Computer Science laboratories in its recently completed Teaching Centre. This new technology will offer exciting new teaching and learning opportunities for both staff and students to work together creatively and collaboratively.

Headteacher, Amanda Simpson, says “We are incredibly grateful to the Wolfson Foundation for their support with this project. Digital literacy is a key skill in today’s world and these three laboratories will not only be for teaching Computer Science, but also a resource for the whole school in the teaching of STEM pathways, Media Studies and languages where AI, robotics and specialist technical software is required. I am convinced that by providing our ambitious students with the environment that matches their considerable talents, we have the opportunity to bring out the very best in all of them.”

The funding has been used to buy 100 new workstations and monitors. Computer Science and STEM subject teaching puts a strong bias on practical learning to support theoretical understanding, so these workstations have been installed alongside classroom visualisers, which provide teachers with a tool to improve explanations and modelling and reinforce learning.

Mr smith with new computers

Director of ICT and eLearning, Marc Smith, adds “We are the only grammar school in the area offering Computer Science for post-16 study and we believe that equipping the new laboratories with fit-for-purpose technology, running specialist software and programming applications will further engage and motivate students choosing the subject at both A level and GCSE.”

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