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Posted on: 26/11/2015

WAR AND PEACE – Kent Youth SACRE Event

Four of our Year 10 students were invited by Kent SACRE to visit the County Hall, Sessions House in Maidstone in order to represent our school in a debate exploring key issues surround War and Peace. The students participated in group work and forum debates within the Council Chamber along with ten other Kent schools.

The students were adept at using the approach of Critical Realism in considering the important and relevant issues of War and Conflict and reflecting on Resolution and Peace. We were very proud of how each of the students interacted with the other students and conducted themselves in such a mature, confident and professional manner in participating in the activities, even presenting their ideas to the entire conference, many of which were older than themselves.

These topics and activities link very closely and compliment their GCSE studies and we look forward to the students feeding back their findings to the rest of their cohort when studying the topic of war later on in the year.

Mrs Fiona Hawkes, Head of RE, Philosophy and Ethics