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Posted on: 09/02/2019

Year 11 and Year 12 visit St Hugh's College, Oxford

'An immaculate, high tech, comfortable Mercedes coach was the perfect way to start the two day trip which would take us, a group of year eleven and twelve prospective students, around the University of Cambridge and Oxford.
So we all buckled in for a three hour journey which would take us to the peak of UK further education. Now a two hour journey to Oxford awaited us, Oxford certainly had a lot to live up to!

A cosy youth hostel and a late night escorted  trip around Oxford town paired with a game of pool served as the perfect end to the day as we prepared to visit St Hugh's college the next morning.

Succeeding a surprisingly delicious full English breakfast and another trip around Oxford town (there is much to explore is such a large, bustling and exciting town centre) we took a short trip to St Hugh's college.

It was after stepping through the entrance to the college that I realised why applicants have such a hard time deciding between the two competing universities, extensive green space and elegant buildings stretched before me. We were met by an enthusiastic college outreach officer , Elena Sorochins, who gladly answered the numerous questions we had and provided extremely useful tips on applying to Oxford, this was followed by a tour of this extremely glamorous college .We saw their impressive library, accommodation and more, truly astounding, architecture.

After another delicious lunch we all climbed back into the coach ready for the journey home, all filled with a surge of motivation to work harder than ever in order to make this small taste of life at a top university a reality.'

Harry  Francis, Year 12

TWGSB Year 11 and Year 12 at St Hugh's College, Oxford