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Posted on: 27/07/2018

TWGSB Year 8 Band performed at the O2

One of our year 8 bands - Checkmate - had a fantastic day at the O2 back in Term 4 taking part in 'Perform 2018'. They were auditioning to support Louise Johnson (winner of X Factor) in a 25th anniversary celebration concert organised by Charlton Athletic Community Trust.  The boys had initially been recorded rehearsing for the school Easter concert and were the only band - as opposed to vocalists - to be selected for the audition, having been selected for submission by Mr Joris.  On the day, the boys and their parents made the trip up to the O2 in convoy and gave it their best shot.  Although they were not selected in the end, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience, got some fantastic photos and were invited to try again next year.  Please join us in congratulating them on their musicianship and effort.

TWGSB Year 8 Band - Checkmate