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Posted on: 04/05/2018

Dunorlan Park Mason Mile Challenge - Sunday 13th May-12 pm

Challenge yourself to run a mile (only 1.6 km). You can walk too if you prefer - bring a pet for company!

It's a fun, family event with participents (parents and children) from many local schools.

The aim is to encourage exercise by starting gradually.


In the inaugural event last July TWGSB had the most participants (over 80) and we are looking to exceed that amount this time! We are also looking for MMC ambassadors to recruit runners. The project is about recruiting whole families to run if possible, so any keen Mums and Dads can also register.

If an Ambassador can recruit 10 runners he or she will get a free hoody as well as the satisfaction of inspiring 10 athletes to run a mile. Once you have your 10 recruits registered come and see me for your free hoody. This would be a suitable role for a House Captain or anyone keen on encouraging others to improve their health and fitness. An ambassador can be of any age including adults!

There are also prizes for the runners, each athlete who completes the race will get a wrist band.

Those who complete in less than 10 minutes and under 8 minutes gain prize money which can be given back to charity. As an extra incentive, any student who comes to school on Monday 14 May 2018 wearing their Mason Mile wrist band for completing the race will be given 10 house points and achievement points on their school behaviour log.

Participants, please register through the Eventbrite link,

ensuring you register as a TWGSB student or Parent.

If you are able to help at the event, please let me know as the organisers would like volunteer Marshalls.

Please e-mail me if you have any further questions

Hope to see you on Sunday 13 May 2018. You can do it!

Mr K Downing, Head of PE