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Posted on: 12/12/2017

Year 9 visit Ypres: Insight into the devastating events that took place during WW1

In December the school completed its annual trip to Ypres to visit and remember those who fell fighting for their country. This year the department decided to change the itinerary to reflect local men who had died during the Battle of Passchendaele which took place a hundred years ago. As a result, the boys visited Oxford Road Cemetery to pay their respects to Colin Blythe, who represented Kent and England at cricket and Lance Corporal Osmond Salt who has previously resided on Camden Road. Ms Cooper delivered a particularly poignant reading of a letter which has been written by a soldier on the eve of battle.  Students asked excellent questions and were clearly moved by the different sites that we visited. As always, the chocolate shop in Ypres proved a popular destination on the Sunday.

Mr T Strongman, Head of History

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