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Posted on: 08/11/2017

'Celebrating Sevens' holiday work winners


The quicker the new Year 7s can feel a sense of belonging to their secondary school, the easier their transition from primary will be. With this in mind, in addition to our regular transition work, Amanda Simpson, Headteacher at TWGSB, set our new Year 7s a challenge to be completed during their summer holidays.

The challenge involved creating an artwork or piece of writing – the boys were given twelve options to choose from including the following: a self-portrait, a creative piece of writing, a collage all about themselves, a drawing entitled ‘my amazing invention’, a drawing ‘what will you be when you are older’, and a poem inspired by a place, person or event.

Despite it being a voluntary task, a significant number of boys completed the task and we were delighted to present the winners with certificates. Over 30 boys received certificates presented by the Headteacher in assembly.

First prizes went to Thomas Zachary (St Barnabas), Jonah Murden (Yardley Court), Louis Taylor (Claremont), Charlie Davies (Claremont), James Treherne (Stocks Green), Noah Beresiner (Edgebury), Harrison Eddy (The Mead).

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