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Posted on: 15/09/2017

Bewl Water Conquered: it's not too late to donate

It's not to late to donate:

Congratulations to Finlay Beasley (8C), Tim and Matt Walters (11H and 13H), and Joe Morel-Paulo (8C) for their participation in the dragon boat race.

A team practice with instruction on how to do dragon boat racing was set up at Bewl on the Friday night before the race from 7 to 8 pm. Despite the pouring rain, the cold and at the end, the darkness, the boys took part cheerfully and gave their full concentration on the instructions on technique and tactics, never complaining as the team plied up and down Bewl Water.

On the day of the race, each of the boys showed such amazing concentration, commitment and composure that the rest of the team forgot they were actually children. 

Every one who took part in this day had a fantastic time, put their hearts and souls into putting in a professional team performance and walked away with a great sense of achievement.

Keith Downing, Head of PE was the staff member who volunteered to take part in this race, and as a result the monies raised by the PTA for this race will be going to his department. We set a team fundraising target of £4,000, or £200 per team member. I am delighted to say we are very close to reaching our target. 

A big thank you to Jewson and M&C Electrical Contractors supporting us.


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