BBC School Report

The BBC School Report scheme offers students the opportunity to be part of the process of finding, writing and filming the news. Run in coordination with the BBC, students will learn the basic skill set of journalism, camera work and editing culminating in the News Day in March every year.

This day offers a real world context for students where news is gathered, filmed, edited and broadcast in the space of a day. The experience gives an insight into the world of the newsroom, and the buzz of getting the report out the door for deadline!

The students are continuing to report on news items:

Here is our final 2018 report for the News Day on 15 March: 

Podcast: Equality in Hollywood:

Our editors over at BBC School Report have three new reports! These are about the recent weather problems, the upcoming concert and the New Build being introduced. (scroll down).

Comic Strip BBC Reporters Plastics

Plastics Comic Strip

Hawkings Comic Strip

Hawking Comic Strip

Participating this year are the following students:

Year 7:
Joe Bond, Leo Bowman, Tommy Helmer, Jonathan Hosier, Maxwell Kendall, Lucas Thraves, Callum Hamilton, George Norman, and Toby Jepps.

Year 8:
Tom Appleby and Fin Rathje Burton.

Year 9:
Seb Farmar.

Year 10:
William Baker, Billy Bond, Charlie Carey, Mike Cutler-Methven, Minhaj Kabir, Taylor O'Neill, David Starling and Joss Hamer.

and ably assisted by Year 12 student Edward Shamwana.

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