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Careers Education

Head of Department:            Mr C Ross

Careers Staff:                        Mr D Crothers, Mrs R Adkin and Mrs P Gray

Independent Careers Adviser:          Hannah Courtney Bennett

At TWGSB we are committed to the continuous development of our Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme. We are proud to hold the full ‘Investors in Careers’ award. This is a nationally recognised quality award for the provision of CEIAG within an institution. The school continues to build links with local employers, and is proud of its work and association with AXA-PPP.

Our independent Careers Adviser visits the school on a regular basis to offer career interviews to students.

Years 7-10


This term has seen a new Careers programme being rolled out across Years 7-10. Each year group spends at least one form time per week looking at Careers.

This term year 7 have been looking at “Employability Skills”. During form time Year 7 have been exploring the most common employability skills, qualities, and values. They have also been examining what these skills, qualities, and values mean and why they are important. Furthermore, they have been developing their team working, problem-solving and decision-making skills and have been investigating the importance of these skills in the workplace. Finally, Year 7 have reflected on their own employability skills, qualities, and values.

Year 8 have been investigating different employment sectors and jobs within these sectors. Pupils have firstly been exploring different employment sectors within the UK, and also familiar and unfamiliar jobs and how these jobs can be grouped into different sectors. Furthermore, Year 8 have been exploring different aspects of a job including roles and responsibilities and qualifications routes for these jobs. They have also been examining the concept of transferable jobs. Finally, Year 8 have also been examining the key duties involved in carrying out a range of jobs, considering a typical working day for a job and learning that employment sectors rarely operate in isolation but often rely on one another.

Year 9 have been investigating qualifications. In particular, they have been exploring the range of qualifications available to them, assessing relevant sources of information relating to qualifications, considering the benefits of gaining qualifications and finally they have been considering whether some jobs require certain qualifications. Finally, Year 10 have been examining their “options”. They have been researching information about further education, training and careers options available to them. They have been learning the importance of using relevant information and guidance to make informed career plans.

The new Careers programme will continue next term with Year 7 looking at “Being Enterprising, Year 8 exploring their personal skills and achievements, Year 9 investigating what career planning means and their future options, and Year 10 will be exploring their own talents and interests and how these can link to their own career plans.

Year 10 Students will complete a week of work experience. Various preparatory elements are covered including a preliminary talk on the details of the work experience. We believe this is an invaluable opportunity for them to experience the world of work.




Year 11

In Year 11 students will be making their Post-16 choices. Consequently careers education and information is geared towards giving boys the opportunity to make the best, and most informed, decision for them.

All Year 11 students attend Skills Fest, where they get the opportunity to meet local and national employers, as well as education providers. They are also given a variety of options talks which explains the possible paths for them.

PSHE is delivered through drop down days, where external providers such as Pearson deliver sessions on budgeting and future planning, as well internal sessions on CV writing and job searching.

Year 11s also have the opportunity to attend the bi-annual careers fair jointly held by the school, Skinners and TWGGS.

Sixth Form: Years 12 and 13

The main focus here is preparing the students for when they leave the school either to enter higher/further education, apprenticeships or the labour market. The emphasis is on providing the students with the skills to make informed choices about their future. Students are advised how to research effectively and make choices using a wide range of materials in the school. Various opportunities are offered to students to attend Careers and Higher Education Fairs and also talks given by specialists in a number of different professions. All students have the opportunity to attend mock interviews in preparation either for university entrance and/or for the world of work.

For more information please visit the Sixth Form Future Planning page

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