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Head of Department: Mr S Mitchell

Sociology is the study of society and how society influences our behaviour. It focuses on contemporary British society, but there is ample opportunity to explore a variety of cross-cultural examples as well as the way British society has developed historically. The subject highlights the structure of society by considering the role of the various institutions and inequalities within it. This is undoubtedly a subject which increases the student’s awareness of the society in which they live in and their place within it. This process of enlightenment is often described as the development of the ‘Sociological imagination’ and can be very exciting, but also challenging for students.

Sociology is offered at A Level and is a popular choice with 42 students starting the course this September including a good proportion of female students. It is a lively subject, with themes discussed drawing on students’ own experiences as well as their understanding of the material. The Sociology Department has been consistently very successful: 100% pass rate in 2016 with 45% A* - A and 70% A* - B grades.

Co-curricular Activities

Lunchtime sociology workshops and revision sessions consolidate learning and develop students study skills.

A Level: Years 12 and 13

Entry requirement: English Language or Literature GCSE grade 6 or above an advantage.

Aims and Outcomes: Sociology is the study of the relationship between the individual and society. Students will develop a critical view of the world that they live in by examining different sociological perspectives on topics such as the family, education, religion and crime.

Year 12 Curriculum Outline
Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods
Paper 2: Families and Households.

Year 13 Curriculum Outline
Paper 2: Beliefs in Society;
Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.

Assessment is by external examination only. There is no coursework.

There are three exam papers, each two hours long and taken at the end of Year 13.

Exam Board: AQA

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Careers Education

  • There are various careers links in the course due to the number of roles, occupations and institutions referred to e.g. teaching, police, probation, solicitors, lawyers, social workers, voluntary agencies, clergy, journalism, nursing etc. essentially, any career which works with the public.
  • The department subscribes to Sociology Review and handouts of articles relevant to topics are given to students to broaden their knowledge of the subject. A range of textbooks are also available to encourage students to develop their background reading.
  • Sociology is a popular subject for students to continue with at university, either in its own right or as part of a related discipline such as Social Policy or Criminology. Approximately 1/5th of this year’s Year 13 students are leaving to study Sociology at university.