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Head of Department: Mr C R Ross

Teachers: Mr S Cowley, Miss M Oliva

The Business and Economics department is one of the largest at A Level, while also being one of the most popular for Key Stage 4 students choosing their options for Year 10. The department is dedicated not only to academic excellence, but to equip all students with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience for further study and ultimately for the world of work. [Updated October 2019]

Co-curricular activities

Young Enterprise and planned trips to national-scale businesses.


If you owe your bank a hundred pounds, you have a problem. But if you owe a million, it has.
(John Maynard Keynes)

A Level: Years 12 and 13

Entry requirements: GCSE grade B in Business or 6 in another humanities subject, and a grade 6 in Maths

Economics gives students the chance to understand the systems of the world around them, and to understand how decisions are made on an individual, firm and government level.

Year 12 Curriculum Outline

  • Microeconomics – the market and market failure
  • Macroeconomics – the national economy

Year 13 Curriculum Outline

  • Microeconomics – The labour market, individual decision making and the theory of the firm
  • Macroeconomics – The international economy and trade




Paper 1:

Markets and Market Failure


Paper 2:

National and International Economy


Paper 3:

Economic Principles and Issues


Exam Board: AQA


Careers Education

  • Through the subjects’ very nature, students will develop an understanding of the world of work. Students study the application process for jobs, the importance of the interview and workforce planning. They understand the changing dynamics of the labour market and how they can best plan for their future careers from this.
  • Strong links with AXA-PPP, who have hosted enterprise days with the help of Year 12 students
  • University and personal statement support
  • Enterprise education delivered by the department through drop-down days and Young Enterprise
  • Statistically students who continue to study economics at degree level will attract the greatest earning premiums of all courses (BBL, 2018)