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Head of Department: Mr C R Ross

Teachers: Mr D Crothers, S Cowley, and Mrs J B Girdlestone

The Business Studies and Economics department is one of the largest at A Level, while Business Studies is one of the most popular options at GCSE. The department is dedicated not only to academic excellence, but to equip all students with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience for further study and ultimately for the world of work.

Co-curricular Activities

Young Enterprise, Bank of England Target 2.0 competition and planned trips to national-scale businesses

Individuals and organizations that are good react quickly to change. Individuals and organizations that are great create change. (Robert KriegelSacred Cows Make The Best Burgers)

GCSE: Years 10 and 11

GCSE Course Content

Year 10

Curriculum Outline: An introduction to the business. This includes investigating start up businesses and the different challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Students learn about the different functions of the business, including finance, operations, human resources and marketing

Year 11

Curriculum Outline: Students go on to investigate growth of businesses, and the problems as well as opportunities they face as they expand. This includes looking at large scale operations, financial statements, organisational structure in a large business and national marketing.

Assessment / Examination – 2 exams: Unit 1: 40%, Unit 2: 35% and 1 controlled assessment taking place in Term 2: 25%

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Exam Board – AQA


A Level: Years 12 and 13

Entry requirement: GCSE grade B in Business Studies or a 6 in another humanities subject, and a 6 in Maths.

To get an understanding of how businesses operate in an ever changing environment. Excellent for students considering any profession (everyone will work for an organisation!) and any degree course.

Year 12

Theme 1: Marketing and People

Theme 2: Finance and Operations

Year 13 

Theme 3: Strategic business decision making

Theme 4: Global business

3 exams at the end of Year 13

Examinations    A-Level
Paper 1:     Marketing, people and global business     35%
Paper 2:     Business activities, decisions and strategies    35%
Paper 3:    Investigating businesses in a competitive environment    30%

Exam Board: Edexcel


Careers Education

  • Through the subjects’ very nature, students will develop an understanding of the world of work. Students study the application process for jobs, the importance of the interview and workforce planning. They understand the changing dynamics of the labour market and how they can best plan for their future careers from this.
  • Strong links with AXA-PPP, who have hosted enterprise days with the help of Year 12 students
  • Mock interview process within GCSE and A Level Business
  • University and personal statement support
  • Enterprise education delivered by the department through drop-down days and Young Enterprise