Key Information

School Food

Our cashless catering services are run by Independent Catering, and students purchase items using a sQuid card (

The normal serving times have been changed because of the new timetable introduced September 2020 and we are currently unable to offer breakfast at school.

There are now two breaks: 11:10–11:50 and 12:50–13:30. There are different food options available in the three serving areas. Students have access to the different locations on a rota – click for rota.

Hot food choices include two main meals (home cooked) including one vegetarian meal, and jacket potatoes with many choices of fillings. In addition, we serve street food in pots, sandwiches and hot paninis, fresh fruit, cakes and cookies. Click for lunch tariff.

Click for September 2020 news from Independent Catering: Fabulous Food Served in a Safe Environment

Click for the 2020/21 Term 6 Secondary Schools menu from Independent Catering.