Key Information

School Uniform

SCHOOL UNIFORM − Years 7 to 11 inclusive

  • Black blazer with the school badge
  • School tie
  • Plain black trousers – not jeans or corduroy, no pinstripe
  • White shirt
  • Dark grey v-neck pullover – years 7-9
  • Dark grey or black v-neck pullover – years 10 & 11
  • Plain grey or dark coloured socks
  • Black shoes (not suede), no velcro, no black trainers

 Physical education and games kit

  • Reversible rugby top
  • Optional full tracksuit
  • White airtex teeshirt (with school logo)
  • Baselayer under-armour top (optional)
  • Cricket shirt and cap (optional)
  • Black shorts
  • Black football socks
  • Football boots (change of studs for Rugby)
  • Trainers (trainers can be worn on the 3G pitch as can Astroturf boots or boots with rubber moulded rounded studs - NO blades)
  • White ankle socks
  • Gum Shield for Hockey and Rugby
  • Shin Pads for Hockey and Football

Please note:

Through the school uniform we are able to ensure that students are not singled out by others due to reasons concerning appearance. We also expect all students to be tidy in their appearance so hair should be of a reasonable length. Extreme haircuts (for example shaved areas or patterns) are not acceptable. No personal jewellery should be worn; this means no rings and no earrings at any time. We believe that if a student wants to ‘stand out from the crowd’ within this school he should do so through his positive behaviour and his actions, not his appearance.

Sixth Form: Dress Code and Appearance