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Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

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Amanda Simpson, Headteacher

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Michael Crow, Deputy Headteacher

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Petra Sluka/Rachel Lovera


Disadvantaged pupil performance overview for last academic year

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department for Education made the decision to suspend the publication of Secondary Performance Tables. This follows an announcement on 18th March 2020 by the Secretary of State for Education that no performance data for any school will be published for 2019–20.

Performance data from 2018–19


Progress 8

-0.67 (12 students)

Ebacc entry


Attainment 8


Percentage of Grade 5+ in English and maths



Strategy aims for disadvantaged pupils



Target date

Progress 8

Close the gap between PP and whole cohort P8. Whole cohort target of +0.25

August 2021

Attainment 8

Close the gap between PP and whole cohort A8. Target of 64.

August 2021

Percentage of Grade 5+ in English and maths

Close gap to achieve 90%.

August 2021


Close gap to achieve 95%

August 2021

Ebacc (Strong pass)

Ensure that Ebacc entrance and achievement of strong pass is 70% (in line with the rest of the cohort).

August 2021


Teaching priorities for current academic year



Priority 1

Personalised action plans for all PP students. Directed support led by Lead Practitioner and liaison with Inclusion team; learning resources; access to additional tutoring. Ensure that all teachers are aware of any potential barriers for each individual.

Priority 2

Satchel:One upgrade to allow for carefully planned interventions in classrooms. Satchel:One allows for seating plans to be created, which identify different student groups. Teachers will be expected to use these to seating plans to inform their classroom support and differentiation. The upgraded package will also allow for more parent engagement as it will notify parents of positive and negative behaviours.

Priority 3


Provide emotional support and coaching through the MACK programme and the FOCUS programme and provide access to counselling services where required.

Barriers to learning these priorities address

Student attendance at teaching sessions outside the school day (transport).

Student engagement with external services.

Projected spending

Student textbooks: £712.85

Student travel grant: £45

Other learning resources: £584.81

Two Bridges (FOCUS Programme): £6,336

Contribution to counselling services and MACK programme: £28,336

Contribution to LSA staffing costs: £14,000


Targeted academic support for current academic year



Priority 1

Tracking of attainment of PP students across all year groups to ensure swift interventions (monitored by Lead Practitioner).

Priority 2

Tracking of attendance of PP students to ensure attendance is in line with the rest of the cohort (monitored by Lead Practitioner and Attendance Officer).

Barriers to learning these priorities address

Parental engagement with attendance meetings.

Projected spending

£14,000 allocated to supporting students through Learning Support Assistants.


Wider strategies for current academic year



Priority 1

Continued access to Individual Fund to ensure that all PP students have access to full range of extra-curricular opportunities and access to all resources and equipment.

Priority 2

Continue to support students with complex needs through MACK and counselling services.

Barriers to learning these priorities address

Awareness of individual fund.

Capacity of counsellors and MACK to support all students.

Projected spending

£20,000 allocated to individual fund.

£28,336 allocated to counsellors and MACK provision.


Monitoring and implementation



Mitigating action


Ensuring that all staff are utilising the information available on the individual’s action plan (as shared by Lead Practitioner with PP oversight).

Quality Assurance visits by Lead Practitioner to monitor implementation of individual action plans.

Targeted support

Ensuring that all PP students are accessing the full range of additional support available to them.

Lead Practitioner to monitor attainment and direct students to ensure they access the full range of support available to them.

Wider strategies

Ensuring that those with the highest need access all of the support available to them.

Lead practitioner to monitor who is accessing and re-direct resources where appropriate.


Review: last year’s aims and outcomes



Additional staffing allowing for smaller teaching groups in English.

Due to personal challenges of some individuals’ attendance hampered students’ success. Unsuccessful.

Use of bought-in counselling services such as MACK to support boys with emotional wellbeing support.

Services accessed by the most vulnerable students. Successful.

Individual fund used to ensure full access to the curriculum.

Fund used appropriately to subsidise trips and visits; access to uniform and PE kit; equipment for subjects such as DT. Successful.


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