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Welcome from the Head Students

Head boy and girl oct 2021

We would like to introduce ourselves: Alex Puffette and Patsy Nield, as Head Students. As Head Boy, my time at this school has been an absolute joy, filled with opportunities to achieve, both in and out of the classroom. In this role, I am driven by a desire to ensure that all students have the same brilliant opportunities that I have had over the years, all the while studying Politics, History and Economics at A Level. As Head Girl, I became a member if the Sixth Form community in Year 12. I have felt welcomed and encouraged to fulfil my academic potential, excited at the prospect of undertaking a leadership position as a member of the student body, while undertaking study in Psychology, Biology and Geography.

Throughout our time at the school, we have seen not only that the students across the school are incredibly open-minded, hard-working and dedicated to the TWGSB community, but also that all the staff, especially the Senior Leadership, Sixth Form and Pastoral teams are incredibly supportive and ensure that every single student has the opportunity to maximise their academic potential.

There is an extremely wide range of subjects offered throughout each stage of the school. TWGSB especially prides itself on the 25 subjects offered at A Level, as well as the opportunity of undertaking the Extended Project Qualification. The school also ensures it caters for developing co-curricular skills through a range of clubs such as the Debating Society, Young Enterprise as well as the Model United Nations – outstanding opportunities to meet new people and learn new skills.

Although the female students are in the minority at the school, the numbers joining the TWGSB Sixth Form are growing each year, and we are confident that the opportunities available to them are equal to that of the boys, ensuring they fulfil their potential to the same level as their male counterparts.

This year, we have an outstanding team of Senior Prefects, including Deputy Head Students Josh Perrett and Hannah Goodwin. We are excited to work in conjunction with the ambitious team of House Captains, and confident in our ability to raise money for our chosen charity YoungMinds. We are aiming not only to strengthen the connection between the upper and lower school but also to make the school a more environmentally sustainable community to ensure we do our part to protect the natural world around us.

As mentioned above, we have given our support to YoungMinds for this academic year. YoungMinds is a charity that aims to leave no child, teenager or young adult feeling isolated when dealing with issues surrounding mental health. At a boys' school, it is common for such conversations to be repressed. By donating to a charity that specialises in promoting the discussion around mental health and reducing the stigma around these discussions, we hope to see more young adults converse about their emotions. During such challenging times we are currently facing, TWGSB pledges full support to YoungMinds for the work they undertake in schools and other organisations during this pandemic.

Patsy Nield (Head Girl) and Alex Puffette (Head Boy), 2021–2022