Library Reading Lists

Research has shown that independent reading can trail off at the end of Year 6, leaving pupils with a possible reading age of 13 when they sit their GCSE exams. This hinders their ability to comprehend exam questions – not just in English exams but in all subjects. 

Reading often and widely feeds higher attainment in all subjects by extending the range of ambitious and complex vocabulary, as well as helping pupils to develop their imaginations, and articulate growing complexity in language and thought. To underline the importance of reading to their studies, boys are expected to have a reading book with them in school at all times be it a library book or a book from home.

At TWGSB boys in Years 79 come to the library once a week with their English teacher for silent reading. This a wonderfully positive and popular experience and we have many well-read boys in all years. Out of lesson time, the library is well used by readers from all years.

Our aim is to foster a lifelong engagement with reading beyond the classroom. 

The books included in the reading lists below stretch reading experience by encouraging risk taking in book selection rather than sticking to the same authors or genres. Maturity in reading leads to emotionally literate readers and readers who become familiar with the craft of writing. 

See below for our Reading Lists