Exams Information

This page contains information about the EXTERNAL Examinations (e.g. GCSE, GCE exams) taken at TWGSB for the Summer series 2020.

Contact Details:

Examinations Officer: Mrs Audrey Lewis

Access Arrangements in Examinations: Mrs Anna Withers, Director of Inclusion

UPDATES: COVID-19 outbreak
3rd August 2020: Ofqual confirms arrangements for summer 2021’s GCSE, AS and A-level exams.

14th July 2020: Students, your teachers have now given your centre assessment grades and rank orders to the awarding bodies. To produce final grades for you that are as fair as possible this summer, centre assessment grades for general qualifications such as GCSEs and A Levels will be standardised using a statistical process developed by Ofqual. This is to ensure standards are consistent across all schools and colleges.

OCR have created an infographic to show how centre assessment grades are standardised for GCSEs, AS and A Levels, and other general qualifications by all awarding bodies. For information on Cambridge Nationals, please follow this link: Cambridge Nationals

9th July 2020:  JCQ announced that exams would run as follows:

Autumn 2020 exams

GCE A/AS from Monday 5th to Friday 23rd October. School entry deadline 1st September

GCSEs from Monday 2nd to Monday 23rd November. School entry deadline 15th September, except English Language/Maths where entry deadline is 30th September. Timetable to follow.

Summer 2021 exam timetables

These will be available as soon as the exam boards have published the information.

30th June 2020: Ofqual published the following information relating to the 2020 awarding process:

Below is a summary of the above information:

Autumn exam series 

Over 3500 responses were received in response this consultation. The decisions are: 

  • A full suite of exams will be offered at AS, A level and GCSE. 
  • Autumn series will be exams only. Non-examination assessments will not be included in the autumn series – except for Art & Design. 
  • A-levels to take place in October (exact dates will be confirmed by JCQ/awarding bodies in the coming weeks). Results are expected to be published before Christmas. 
  • GCSEs to take place in November (exact dates will be confirmed by JCQ/awarding bodies in the coming weeks). Results are expected to be published in February.
  • Reviews of marking will be available as normal. 
  • Entries for the autumn exam series will only be accepted for students who were entered for the summer 2020 exam series, or who were not entered due to an administrative error.
  • Awarding bodies are required to issue a new certificate if student requests that their certificate shows only their best grade. 
  • Entry deadline information will be confirmed by JCQ in the coming weeks. 
  • Further information will be provided for centres with large cohorts where accommodating large number of candidates may be an issue.

Centre appeals (cohort demographics) 

Currently, centres can appeal on the following grounds: 

  • An administrative error made by the centre when submitting grades 
  • An administrative error made by the awarding body. Awarding bodies will be publishing the criteria under which centres will be permitted to appeal if there is a significant demographic change in a cohort. Ofqual analysis reveals that a significant change in demographics is required to impact upon the grades issued to students in line with this summer’s awarding process.
    In relation to this, Ofqual will be launching a consultation on the arrangements awarding bodies must have in place for such appeals. The outcomes of this consultation will be published by the end of July.

Finally, may we please draw your attention to the following blog from the GOV.UK website: Inaccurate petition on A level and GCSE grades this year.

19th June 2020: Summer 2020 Results Days confirmed:

  • A Level and EPQ: Thursday 13th August 2020 

  • GCSE & Cambridge Nationals: Thursday 20th August 2020 

Further information regarding procedures to collect results will be communicated once more information is available. 

16th April 2020: Ofqual provides updated information on summer 2020 grades for GCSE, AS and A levels and EPQ and an updated letter addressed to students.
3rd April 2020: Further clarity is provided on the process for awarding of grades for students this summer. Click for  information on the STEP exams.
18th March 2020: The government announces the cancellation of the summer 2020 GCSE, AS and A level exam series in order to help fight the spread of COVID-19.