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Sixth Form


For the most up to date advice and guidance visit the UCAS website:

Q. What is Adjustment? Who is eligible to use it?

A. Adjustment is a way for students to swap their confirmed place at a university for one at a different university. The service is for students who ‘meet and exceed’ the conditions of their CF choice. For example, if your CF asked for ABB at A Level and you achieved AAB (or higher) you could use adjustment to find a place on a university course asking for those higher grades. 

Q. How do I use Adjustment?

A. Unlike Clearing, there is no comprehensive list of vacancies available for those going through Adjustment. Firstly, you need to update on UCAS Track that you wish to do Adjustment, you should do this on results day as there is a time limit regarding when you have to register by.

You need to contact university admissions officers directly to enquire about vacancies. Tell them you're applying through Adjustment and provide them with your UCAS number. Make sure they know that you're only researching course vacancies – once you are sure of a course you want to switch on to, you can verbally agree an offer with them.

If the institution wants to accept you, they will update your UCAS Track with a new choice and send you a confirmation email. Remember to only verbally accept one offer!

We strongly recommend that, at what is a stressful and busy time, you do not make hasty decisions to adjust or upgrade. Think carefully before you register for Adjustment, as higher entry requirements does not always equal more enjoyment.

Q. How long does Adjustment last?

A. Adjustment is available from A Level Results Day until August 31. Eligible students have to register for Adjustment and will have a maximum of five calendar days from the time they register in which to secure an alternative course.

Q. By going through Adjustment, do I forfeit my place at my CF choice university?

A. No. While looking for a place through Adjustment, you keep your existing university place. If after the five-day period is up and you do not find anything, you keep the place you already have. You only lose this place once you have confirmed that you want to go elsewhere and your new university of choice adds themselves to your UCAS Track.