Carnegie Shadowing 2018

We are extremely proud of our 35 Carnegie Shadowers, who this year took a clean sweep of prizes at the Annual Carnegie Shadowing Balloon Debate with TWGGS, Skinners’ and SKA. Skinners’ hosted the event on the 18th of June. It was a wonderful convivial morning and all schools enjoyed getting together to discuss books, catch up with old friends from primary school and eat a mountain of cake.

Prizes went to the following boys who were part of the winning debate team: Cameron Jones 9M, Tom Appleby 8F, Archie Fisher 8E and Nick McLean 7F. Together with their teammates from Skinners’, TWGGS and SKA, they argued that Release by Patrick Ness should win the Carnegie Medal for Children’s Literature. Release was a controversial book to be included in the shortlist due to some explicit themes but as a heartfelt coming of age novel, many of the students could relate to in one way or another.

Of the eight on the shortlist, the book, which actually won the Carnegie Medal, was Where the World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean, based on a true story set in St Kilda. Overwhelmingly though, the student vote for best book went to The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas.

The following boys also won prizes on the morning:

Best book review – Stirling Thomas 7M.

Runners up - Cameron Jones 9M and Sam Wickers 8B.

Best alternative book cover – Archie Fisher, 8E.

Runners up - Finlay  Watson 8B  and Sunil Mergai 7H1

All boys who take part in Carnegie Shadowing benefit in some way from the experience. Not just the reading of books, which they may not normally pick up but it also, builds confidence. I was very pleased that this year all boys took part in their team presentations and spoke eloquently.

Friendships across the year groups and positive associations are made during the Carnegie reading weeks and the boys feel like a special band of readers and debaters, taking part in the many competitions that form part of the experience.

TWGSB has its own Carnegie Award for the boy who has shown excellence in teamwork, public speaking, critical analysis of the shortlisted literature and who has of course read at least six of the books. This year the award went to Tom Appleby 8F, who had stiff competition for the cup from Jamie Macdonald  8G and Sam Wickers 8B.

As usual, the TWGSB boys’ behaviour and enthusiasm was impeccable and all staff and boys thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Mrs Musselwhite Steel, Library Manager