Welcome to Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys Sixth Form. The Sixth Form has, at present, about 360 students on roll, the majority of whom have come through the school with a few external entrants joining each year.

Our aim is to provide the courses you need, give extensive individual counselling and support and provide you with an opportunity to contribute to the real and varied life of the school.

The major difference between lower school (Key Stages 3 & 4) is that you will have chosen to come to this school for your Sixth Form course. You will become responsible for your own learning and progress with the teaching and library staff to support you and help you achieve your potential.

At the heart of the Sixth Form lies a strong system of pastoral care; you are assigned to a personal tutor, your Form Tutor, one of a team of 17 who are on hand to counsel you in your career and higher education decisions and offer pastoral guidance.

The Sixth Form is a more relaxed and enjoyable way of studying. Teachers are less formal in their approach and will treat you as an adult, responsible for your own learning and success. While you will receive a great deal of support, you are expected to demonstrate qualities of self-motivation and diligence, commit yourself to your chosen course of study and contribute to the general life of the whole school.

We look forward to working with you in our co-operative, relaxed but regulated environment.


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Sixth Form Pupils
Sixth Form Pupil
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