Welfare Office

Welfare Manager: Mrs HS Cameron
Welfare Assistant: Mrs V Barnes

We understand that there can be many issues going on in your child’s life both at home and at school.  If you have any Pastoral concerns, we have a range of support services that we can offer, so please let us know.

All pastoral matters are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

The medical information you provide will be taken to hospital with your son should the need arise, so it is imperative that our records is up-to-date. 

If your son has Asthma, Diabetes or requires an Epipen, he must carry his medication with him at all times.  We will also need a named spare for the school to store in case the original is lost or damaged. Please send this to school on the first day of term. We would be grateful if you could make an appointment via email with the Welfare Office to discuss your child’s careplan.

If pupils require prescription medication whilst in school please can you fill our Stored Medicine Registration Form which can be found here and ask your son/daughter to bring it along with the medication to the Welfare Office where it can be stored. No medicines are allowed to be brought into school without the prior knowledge of the Welfare Office. Please can you look at dose frequencies and timings so that if possible medicines can be taken out of school hours to avoid disruption to your child’s school day. Doctors can also prescribe timed-release medication for a minimum number of daily doses which can be helpful.

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school of any changes to their son’s medical condition, medication and to replace out of date medicines stored by the Welfare Office.

TWGSB is not able to provide medication to students with headaches, earaches, sore throats and the like.  Many headaches can be avoided by sufficient hydration. The school provides water fountains both outside and in the dining halls. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to school which can be refilled during breaks.  However for students diagnosed with Migraines, again please contact the Welfare Office to discuss a careplan.

Welfare Office Contact Details:

Mrs Cameron: 01892 529551 (x 214)
Mrs Barnes: 01892 529551 (x 282)

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