Co-opted Governors
Mr M O’Driscoll (Vice- Chairman)
Mrs B Lawrence (Chairman)
Mr D Madin
Mrs T Harris
Mrs L Pollini Kommu
Ms P Sluka

Direct Appointment
Mr P Drew

Mr J G Harrison

Committee Membership

Students, Curriculum and Standards (SCS)
Mr J G Harrison
Mrs B Lawrence (Chair)
Mr C R Lawrence
Mr J A Coen
Mr D Madin
Mrs L Pollini-Kommu
Mr S Marsh

Mr M O’Driscoll (Chair)
Mr J G Harrison
Mrs T Harris
Mrs B Lawrence
Mr D Madin

Staff Governor
Ms R Lovera

Parent Governors

Mr Robin Hughes
Mr Rob Miller
Mr W Silk
Mr N Brooks-Johnson
Mrs K Currums
Mr J Scarborough

Co-opted Governor
Mr Brian White

Associate Governor
Mr K Ditcham

Clerk to the Governors
Miss Rosanna Roughley

Finance and Premises
Mr K Ditcham
Mr P Drew (Chair)
Mrs T Harris
Mr J G Harrison
Mrs B Lawrence
Mr D Madin
Mr D Wells (as and when required)
Mr A Mitchell (as and when required)

Governor Biographies (March 2014)

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