We are lucky to have a strong PTA at the school. Although a number of events each year are run with the primary aim of fund raising the association exists to achieve more than that.

Central to our PTA is a commitment to building strong links between the school and the families whose boys attend the school. The PTA committee serves as a useful sounding board for the Headteacher and other staff in the school.

2015-2016 Autumn Term PTA events:

Year 7 Cheese and Wine and meet the Tutor Evening: Thursday 24th September

PTA AGM: Tuesday 13th October 7pm (School Library)

Quiz Night Friday: 16th October

Christmas Fair: Saturday November 28th

Committee members

Claire Walters
Christopher Leach (Chair and Treasurer)
Tess Bing
Susie Bridges
Danny Gugusheva
Lisa Whitehouse
Angela Wildgoose
Lucy Robinson
Billie Drapper
Kate Coupe
Fran Astic
Lynne Jones
Rosemary Jones

John Harrison (President)
Aiden Coen (Vice-President)

PTA support to the school over the last few years:

To volunteer to help at PTA events contact Claire Walters

PTA Quiz Night

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