We are lucky to have a strong PTA at the school. Although a number of events each year are run with the primary aim of fund raising the association exists to achieve more than that.

Central to our PTA is a commitment to building strong links between the school and the families whose boys attend the school. The PTA committee serves as a useful sounding board for the Headteacher and other staff in the school.

2014-2015 PTA events:

AGM-Tuesday May 19th

Summer Disco Yr7/8 Friday 26th June

Summer Concert Refreshments Tuesday 14th July

Committee members

Emma O’Sullivan (Co-Chair)
Tess Bing (Co-Chair)
Claire Walters (Secretary)
Susie Bridges
Danny Gugusheva
Lisa Whitehouse
Angela Wildgoose
Lucy Robinson
Billie Drapper
Kate Coupe
Fran Astic
Lynne Jones
Rosemary Jones

John Harrison (President)
Aiden Coen (Vice-President)

PTA support to the school over the last few years:

To volunteer to help at PTA events contact Claire Walters

May 2014 PTA Minutes

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