Ten Year Eight students attended the TeenTech event in Tonbridge. TeenTech was founded by Tomorrow’s World presenter Maggie Philbin, to allow students to explore different industries and career possibilities in the Science, Technology and Engineering industries.
Posted: 18 October 2012
All KS3 and upper school students taking art will complete a drawing for the BIG DRAW during their art lessons
Posted: 08 October 2012
Bushido Judo Club - Learn and practice COOL MOVES that include Throws, Control Holds and Submissions.
Posted: 03 October 2012
A , B and C Squads v Sackville (East Grinstead). The A Team won 10-0, B team 9-1 and C team 8-0.
Posted: 03 October 2012
The TWGSB U15 rugby team are through to third round of the Daily Mail Cup following an excellent 69-7 victory against Kent College and The TWGSB U14 rugby beat Sevenoaks school in a thrilling 29-27 match in the Kent trophy.
Posted: 02 October 2012
The TWGSB U15 rugby team are through to the first round of the Daily Mail cup following a 36-7 win over Oakwood Park Grammar school.
Posted: 14 September 2012
Headboy 2012-2013
The Headboy for 2012-13 will be Jack Bardrick. The deputies will be Charlie Beale, Chloe de Lullington, Matt Hiller, and Joe Tarbert. Congratulations to all.
Posted: 09 July 2012
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