Out of School Education

For an Enrichment/out of school education/trips overview (including costs) as at September 2013, click here.

We recognise the importance of learning that takes place outside the classroom and ensure that all students are given opportunities to learn in a wide range of contexts right from joining the school.

A typical experience for a year 7 pupil in recent years would include:

  • Visit to Battle Abbey to study context of the Norman Invasion
  • A Theatre visit organised by the English department
  • A Geography fieldwork visit to an organic farm
  • A residential visit to Paris
  • A Science visit to the British Wildlife Center.

In year 8, students are offered an outward bound type activity week to France as well as a theatre visit organised by the English department.

In year 9, students are offered the theatre visit organised by the English department as well as residential visits to Ypres and to Normandy to study WW1 and WW2 history. 

In years 10 and 11 students can participate in:

  • Residential trips to Madrid
  • Geography fieldwork in Iceland
  • Work experience week in a job of their choice
  • Geology fieldwork trip

A Sixth Form student can expect to have access to a whole range of academic conferences which will support his learning in most subjects as well as a wide range of cultural visits to Art Galleries, Theatre, Opera and Film. The Media Studies department has regularly visited New York. In addition, sixth formers may be able to experience the following:

  • Residential trip to Madrid Year 12 (MFL)
  • Geography Fieldwork trip Year 12 (Geography)
  • Football trips to Spain Year 13 (Slide show)

We also work with World Challenge to provide a Long Haul Expedition. So far we have been to Morocco, Ghana, Tanzania and Chile. We believe that all of these experiences enrich the experiences of students and add to their personal and academic development.


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