Maths and Statistics

Two important aims of the Mathematics Department are to develop, maintain and stimulate pupils' curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Mathematics, and for each pupil to achieve success commensurate with their ability and potential.

We have been a Kent LEA " Beacon Department" since January 2004 and are available to aid and advise other Maths Departments in the country. The work produced by KS3 pupils has been used as exemplar material by QCA and NFER.

Students have 6 hours of Maths teaching per fortnight in each year.

Years 7-9
They are taught as form groups in Year 7. Top Sets are created from Year 8. Around 95% of pupils usually attain SATs Level 7 or above by the end of Year 9.

Years 10-11
In GCSE Mathematics, all students take the OCR ‘A’ Specification and usually achieve 65-70% A*-A and 100% A*-C grades.  GCSE Statistics is available as an option.

Years 12-13
Mathematics is now established as the school’s largest AS and A-Level subject, with nearly 200 students following a course in the sixth form. Recent results have been around 70% at grades A*-B and 100% A*-E. Further Mathematics is fully timetabled and is taught concurrent to Mathematics.

We offer lunchtime clubs in Bridge, KS3 Enrichment, National Cipher Challenge and "Jaguar Cars Maths in Motion" Grand Prix racing. The latter is a national competition and we were the 2008 UK KS3 Champions, and in 2009 won two of three international races. Sixth Formers also provide help and support on a one-to-one basis to younger pupils in our lunchtime Maths Clinic. Additionally, staff run holiday revision classes for GCSE and A-Level. (Scroll down for more details)

Junior pupils also regularly and successfully take part in the "Maths in Kent" Competitions, as well as national events such as UK Sudoku and World Number Day.  All pupils in Year 8 take part in the UK Junior Maths Challenge, and Year 11 take part in the Intermediate Challenge. Sixth Formers take part in the Senior Challenge, and this year a student proceeded through all the subsequent rounds to finish fifth in the UK.

Maths staff
Staff in Department: Mr G Young (Head of Dept), Miss F Connell (second in the Dept), Mrs A Abu Hayyeh, Mrs C Blakeman, Mrs J Girdlestone, Mrs L Johnston, Mr L Morris, Mrs C Peadon, Mr J Maulkerson and Mrs L Thomas.

For further information please contact the Head of Department via the School Office:
T: 01892 529551

Extra-Curricular Activities Provided by the Mathematics Department

'Maths in Motion’ – Grand Prix racing (Mr Young and Mrs Johnston)
We hold our own Grand Prix season using the “Maths in Motion” software. Pupils can work on their car set-ups and conduct practice laps Monday-Thursday at lunchtimes in M1 in preparation for the race on Friday. We also take part in the Jaguar-sponsored national and international competitions with great success, and were the 2008 UK KS3 Champions and 2010 UK KS4 Runners-Up, as well as winning various one-off national and international races. The activity is open to Years 7 to 11.

National Cipher Challenge (Mr Morris)
Sponsored by IBM and GCHQ amongst others and run by Southampton University, the Cipher Challenge runs from October to January. TWGSB often has one of the largest entries from Kent. It attracts able students who enjoy using mathematics and computing in novel and interesting ways. Students work in teams to break ciphers of increasing complexity, with points awarded for accuracy and speed. Four weeks is allowed for the Final Round, which perhaps indicates its level of difficulty. It should appeal to able students in Years 10-13, and it is recommended that anyone in the sixth form contemplating reading maths or a maths-related subject at university should participate in the competition. Support and guidance is provided at lunchtimes by Mr Morris in NB1.

The Senior Maths Enrichment Club (Mr Morris)
The Club is open to pupils of all abilities in the sixth form. We will look at maths and the uses of maths in areas outside the A-level syllabuses, for example how maths developed and is used in the “real world”. In addition to these activities there will be games and the opportunity to represent the school in maths competitions, notably the Senior Maths Team Challenge. This is a national competition to find the best team of Y12 and Y13 mathematicians; we usually do well and aim to reach the Finals this year. Finally, there will be an opportunity for pupils required to sit additional papers, such as the STEP or Oxford entrance exams, to have help and support to prepare for these important exams.

The Junior Maths Enrichment Club (Mrs Abu Hayyeh, Mrs Peadon and Mrs Girdlestone)
This Club meets at various times through the year and is often a way for a student to get involved in various national and local competitions and events. In recent years, for example, the Club has participated in various challenges set by universities here and in America, and in the UK Team Challenge.

Bridge Club (Miss Connell)
Bridge is good way to develop thinking skills and is a very sociable game. Bridge Club caters for pupils of all ages and abilities. Most members are new to the game and the aim is to improve over the course of the year. The basic rules are given and the players improve by learning to count the cards and thinking about how to play the hands. The Club meets with Miss Connell from 12.45-13.25 on Thursday lunchtimes in M4 and is open to all.

Maths Clinic (Mrs Blakeman)
Maths Clinic takes place on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes from 12.30-13.20 in M6. Under staff supervision, sixth formers offer individual or small group help to pupils in Years 7-11. Pupils can either drop-in or arrange appointments via Mrs Blakeman. By making an appointment it is possible to arrange for a pupil to work over several sessions with the same sixth former.

UKMT Challenges
All of Year 8 take part in the Junior Challenge, the top four classes in Year 11 do the Intermediate Challenge, and all AS/A-Level mathematicians enter the Senior Challenge. We also participate in the respective Team Challenge events.

Other Events and Activities that we organise or participate in …
Mangahigh Monthly Maths  and Fai-To Challenges; Year 7 Inter-House Maths Challenge; World Maths Day; West Kent Puzzle Day; Year 10 Further Maths Network Challenge; Inter-House Sudoku; visits to universities and lectures.

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