History can mean two things: the past, and the study of the past. The past influences all aspects of our lives. It shapes the customs and beliefs of the communities to which we belong. Learning about the past and the methods used to study it helps pupils to make sense of the world in which they live. The study of History also develops many skills which are applied in a wide range of other subjects and vocations. Thus, History is both an atlas and a toolbox for life.

Years 7-9
Year 7: Britain 1066-1500
Why and how did the Normans invade and conquer Britain?
How did the Norman Conquest affect society and people’s lives in Britain in the Middle Ages?
How powerful was the monarchy in Medieval Britain?
What was the impact of other cultures during the Middle Ages?

Year 8: Britain 1500-1750 and the Reformation
Why and how did Europe change between the 1450s and the 1530s?
How much did the Tudors change Britain?
Was Britain transformed by revolution between 1600 and 1750?
What was the impact of the French Revolution?
Why and how did Britain become the centre of a great empire and what were the consequences of this?

Year 9: Britain 1750-1900
the Twentieth Century World
How and why did Britain change between the 1750 and the 1900?
Why was World War One so important?
Why did women get the vote?
Why was another war fought so soon after the First World War?
What was the impact of the Second World War?
The Twentieth Century World: The Age of what?

Years 10-11
At KS4 we study Modern European and world history. We continue to be one of the most popular option choices at GCSE.

GCSE Outline

Years 12-13
There are opportunities to study a historical theme in breadth and a British depth study at AS and to consider a historical controversy and undertake a piece of coursework at A2. Students of History and Government and Politics have consistently achieved top results at A Level.

At KS3 we encourage our students to experience history at first hand and organise trips to Battle Abbey and the battlefields of World War One and Two, Ypres and Normandy.

History Staff
Mr T Strongman (Head of Department), Mr W M Kern, Mr S H Mason, and Mr S Rockell

For further information please contact the Head of Department via the School Office:
T: 01892 529551
E: thegrammarschool@twgsboys.kent.sch.uk


Year 7 visit Battle
Year 9 visit Ypres
Year 9 visit Normandy
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